Our journey into the realm of fertilizers commenced in 2001, with the inception of earthworm compost. This endeavor was followed by the introduction of Rajaram Samruddh in 2002, and subsequently, the inclusion of chemical fertilizers in 2003.
Among the bustling departments within our company, the Microbiology Labs and the Earthworm Compost division stand out as dynamic hubs. With a dedicated focus on quality and productivity, we achieve daily productions of 0.5 metric tons of chemical fertilizers, a monthly output of 100 metric tons of earthworm compost, and an impressive 80 metric tons per day of Rajaram Samruddh.
In the year 2015, our financial achievements were showcased by a Sales Turnover of INR 1 crore (approximately USD 0.15 million) from Chemical Fertilizers, INR 0.50 crore (about USD 0.07 million) from Earthworm Compost, and INR 1.5 crore (roughly USD 0.21 million) from Rajaram Samruddh, culminating in a comprehensive Sales Turnover of INR 3 crores (equivalent to USD 0.43 million).
Our pioneering spirit shines through as we proudly established ourselves as the first company in Maharashtra to manufacture liquid chemical fertilizers, a distinction that has garnered national demand for our products.
To ensure timely and efficient distribution to farmers, we have thoughtfully organized distribution centers across work areas in Yedenipani, Bahe, Bagani, Kurlap, Wategaon, Kundal, and Walwa. This strategic approach underscores our commitment to providing farmers with the resources they need to cultivate their land effectively.