Indian-made Foreign Liquor segment came integrally into RBPSSK since 1985.
With a different department and set up of facilities for blending and bottling, we have a lock on the maintenance of the quality, hygiene and safety of the product. Our 2015-2016 production was more than 6.5 million liters.

Our list of prestigious and popular blends include,

  • McDowell’s no.1 Celebration Rum
  • Haywards Fine Whisky
  • Bagpiper Whisky
  • Blue Riband Gin
  • Blue Riband Duet Gin

Guided by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, we have woven a powerful collaboration with the premier liquor production entity in India, M/s. United Spirits Ltd, headquartered in Bangalore. This partnership solidifies our commitment to delivering exceptional products, uniting with industry stalwarts to redefine benchmarks of quality and innovation.