Our journey began in 1976, marked by the inception of our country liquor production. Today, we stand tall as the premier country liquor manufacturer in Maharashtra, boasting an impressive portfolio of 12 patents under our esteemed banner. Our impact is quantifiable, with production and sales exceeding a remarkable 8 million liters in the fiscal year 2015-2016. Among our offerings, the standout brands include Royal Santra, Retra Santra, Maharanjan Santra, and Payal Santra.

Our brand portfolio further extends to encompass:

  • Sonpari Santra
  • Major Santra
  • De Bhari Santra
  • Royal Choice Santra
  • White House Santra
  • Royal Sauf
  • Strawberry Punch
  • Chamakdar Santra
  • Time Punch Premier

To bolster our reach and ensure effective marketing and distribution, we have forged alliances with two prominent entities: M/s. Sunrise Marketing, Kolhapur, and M/s. Silver Oak Traders, Kolhapur. These partnerships are instrumental in bringing our diverse range of products to discerning consumers across the region.