We are the pioneer to start producing chemical fertilizers in liquid form in Maharashtra. Our motive behind starting chemical fertilizer production was to make essential pesticides easily available to our farmers at the best price.

It is distributed to our farmers as well as exported on a large scale.

We produce approximately 0.5 mt of chemical fertilizers every day.

We manufacture 7 types of chemical fertilizers

  • Rajaram Nitroplus (RN+)

Nitrogen is a vital component for crop growth as it helps in chlorophyll, the compound by which plants use sunlight energy to produce sugars from water and carbon dioxide.

Rajaram Nitroplus stabilizes the nitrogen molecules available in the air for the crops to absorb them.

  • Rajaram Phosphoplus (RP+)

Rajaram Phosphoplus is for roots, adding it to the soil promotes root growth, winter hardiness and often quickens maturity.

  • Rhizobium (R+)

Rhizobia are special bacteria that can live in the soil or in nodules formed on the roots of legumes like gram, soybeans, alfalfa, etc. Rhizobium stabilizes the nitrogen molecules from the air and provides it to the crops in form of ammonia.

  • Rajaram Compostplus (RC+)

Rajaram Compostplus is used for decomposition; it decomposes the waste materials available in the farm and makes excellent compost out of it. It improves the fertility of the soil as well as water holding capacity.

  • Rajaram Cropguard

It is our fastest selling and the most popular fertilizer. It is specially designed for white grub (Holotrichia serrata, locally known as humni); These grubs feed on the plant roots and as a result the plants wilt and die.

On spraying the fertilizer, a white colored fungus comes in contact with the body of an insect host, they germinate, penetrate the insect, and grow inside, killing the insect within a matter of days.

  • Rajaram Trichoplus

Rajaram Trichoplus is to avoid the root diseases caused by a fungus; On spraying, the biocontrol agent, Trichoderma grows on the root surface affecting the root disease.

  • Rajaram Azoto

A crop needs nitrogen for its growth and Azoto fixes atmospheric nitrogen; therefore, the crop gets benefited, especially cereals, vegetables, fruits, trees, sugarcane, cotton, grapes, banana, etc.

It also increases germination of seeds by 20-30%.