From 2.2 million quintals in 2011-12, we marked around 2.8 million quintals of sugar production in 2015-16.


On an average of 14,500 tons crushing per day from our four plants, we had approximately over 2.175 million tons crushing last season.

Our graph ranges from 1.8 Million tons crushing per annum in 2011-12 to 2 million tons crushing per annum in 2015-1, across all four plants.


Cane Price Paid

Our farmers have never disappointed us when it comes to the canes, they have always delivered the best-suited canes for the production; they are one of the reasons this company has grown so rapidly.

The cane price paid to farmers is always been higher than all the other companies. 


Over the period of 45 years, we've an average of 10% to 13% sugar production after processing the cane.