After sugar department, the most salient department of RBPSSK is its Distillation plant which was instituted in the year 1975.

We distill Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), Rectified Spirit and Ethanol from Cane Molasses. Molasses is the final liquid leftover after the crystallization of sugar.

Our distillation capacity is 20 kilo liters per day of Extra Neutral Alcohol, 75 kilo liters per day of Rectified Spirits and 50 kilo liters per day of Ethanol.

Our last years Sales Turnover was 2 crores(USD 0.3 million) from Extra Neutral Alcohol, 7 crores (USD 11 million) from Rectified Spirits, and 1.5 crores (USD 0.2 million) from Ethanol with annexed Sales Turnover of more than 11 crores (USD 16 million).