Beyond our sugar department, the Distillation Plant stands as a pivotal entity within RBPSSK, having been established in the illustrious year of 1975.

This dynamic facility orchestrates a sophisticated process, yielding a range of valuable products: Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), Rectified Spirit, and Ethanol.

These sought-after commodities emerge through a transformative journey that harnesses the inherent potential of Cane Molasses, the residual elixir remaining after the crystallization of sugar.
A testament to our commitment to excellence, our distillation capabilities are indeed formidable. Each day, we generate an impressive 20 kilo liters of Extra Neutral Alcohol, accompanied by an astonishing 75 kilo liters of Rectified Spirits, and a noteworthy 50 kilo liters of Ethanol.

Reflecting our achievements in the realm of commerce, our financial metrics stand as a testament to our industry prowess. In the preceding year, our Sales Turnover illustrated substantial contributions: 2 crores (equivalent to USD 0.3 million) from Extra Neutral Alcohol, an impressive 7 crores (approximately USD 11 million) from Rectified Spirits, and an additional 1.5 crores (roughly USD 0.2 million) from Ethanol.

When aggregated, these figures amalgamate to showcase an annexed Sales Turnover that exceeds an impressive 11 crores (approximately USD 16 million). This compelling narrative underscores our profound influence and substantial presence within the industry.