Nestled within the esteemed Co-operative sector of Maharashtra State, we proudly ascend as a preeminent force in the realm of liquor manufacturing.  Our craft revolves around transforming the essence of cane molasses into exquisite alcohol.
At the core of our operational ethos lies our distinguished ISO 9001-2008 certification, an emblem of our unwavering commitment to unrivaled quality. It encapsulates our resolute dedication to rigorous quality control practices, underpinned by our steadfast adherence to the tenets of the Quality Management System.
Our avant-garde liquor units stand as beacons of innovation, catering to diverse palates with a spectrum encompassing both Country Liquor and Indian-made foreign liquor.
Our production capabilities echo precision and scale, yielding an impressive 6,200 cases of liquor daily. Within this remarkable capacity, 3,500 cases are devoted to the creation of exceptional country liquor, propelling a remarkable Sales Turnover of 32 crores (equivalent to USD 4.8 million).
Simultaneously, our commitment extends to the realm of Indian-made foreign liquor, contributing 2,700 cases and 3 crores (approximately USD 0.46 million) to our Sales Turnover. Converging these endeavours, a formidable Sales Turnover of 35 crores (approximately USD 5 million) emerges. This financial narrative not only showcases our prowess in the industry but also underscores our relentless dedication to delivering products of unparalleled quality, resonating harmoniously with the refined tastes of our esteemed patrons.

Known colloquially as "desi," our country liquor carries a distinct and unrefined essence that sets it apart. Its unpolished character is precisely what has earned it widespread acclaim, giving it a uniquem edge in the market. In fact, its rustic charm resonates so profoundly that it boasts a market presence that surpasses that of Indian-made foreign liquors, precisely by a factor of 2.5.

This undeniable preference underscores its unmatched popularity and the undeniable appeal of its raw, unadulterated allure.

We have strategically aligned ourselves with the foremost liquor production powerhouse in India – M/s. United Spirits Ltd, headquartered in Bangalore.

This partnership represents a pivotal step in our commitment to associating with industry vanguards, as we collectively drive innovation and elevate the standards of excellence within the dynamic world of liquor manufacturing.