We are one of the biggest liquor manufacturers in the Co-operative sector of Maharashtra State. We produce alcohol from cane molasses.

We are ISO 9001-2008 certified, which basically means that we strictly believe in quality control and adhere to the rules of Quality Management System.

We have two modern liquor units, Country Liquor and Indian-made foreign liquor.

Our per day liquor production capacity is 6,200 cases, in which 3,500 cases are of country liquor with Sales turnover of 32 crores (USD 4.8 millions) and 2,700 cases of Indian-made foreign liquor with Sales Turnover of 3 crores (USD 0.46 millions), amalgamating to 35 crores (USD 5 millions).

locally known as desi, has a raw and rustic flavor to it.
Its rustiness is what makes it famous and has more market than Indian made foreign liquors, precisely 2.5 times more!

We have a tie-up with highest ranking liquor producing company of India, M/s. United Spirits Ltd Bangalore.